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Lady Lazarus reincarnate.

Dying Is an art, like everything else. I do it exceptionally well.

30 July 1984
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I am a University Graduate with an Honors degree in English literature, and a Minor in Psychology. Could this sound any more like a resume? lol I am a lesbian, and out about it, even if I keep having to remind my mother of that fact on a near monthly basis. She still holds out a grain of hope that this was all a bad dream. Oh well, you can't please everyone. I just accepted a funded offer for Graduate School. I will be working towards my Masters in English Literature, with a specialization in Gender and Genre. My proposed thesis looks at the dialogue between Jeanette Winterson's fictional works, and Queer theory (with specific reference to the works of Judith Butler). Academia is my life. I read Sartre for fun okay!

Since this would not fit into my interest box, and I was unwilling to change the description, I placed this here:

Horseback riding is my favorite sport, and I miss it greatly. In my experience, there is nothing more liberating than taking off into the wilderness on horseback. The rush of adrenaline after climbing and descending a steep sand dune or rushing through a body of water, is enough to make me feel invincible.
-cat rescuer, -feeding birds at aviary, -member of amnesty international, -volunteer esl tutor, and great literature., comparative religion, critical theory, my volunteer activities:, non-fiction, philosophy